What an astounding announcement from England’s best rider, Tai Woffinden, that he will not take part in next year’s World Cup.
Wuffy was brilliant for the Brits in this year’s event, but the timing of his announcement seems to indicate that he hasn’t given the decision a lot of thought, nor any possible consequences.
The dust has barely settled on this year’s event and already the reigning silver medallists have lost their best rider for 2017.
Undoubtedly there is a bit more going on behind the scenes and that may come out in time, but this sort of stuff reeks of self – importance and dare I say receiving and listening to bad advice.
It is reminiscent of Russia’s Emil Sayfutdinov and his self – imposed exile form the grand prix series during the best years of his career.
Tai’s decision is a shame for the sport and a big kick in the guts for the British fans.
I have been mates with UK Team Manager Alun Rossiter for 25 years so maybe I’m taking this a bit hard, but what could possibly have caused such a change of heart from one of the sport’s marquee riders?

Lambert_King_Cook_Grand Final

Caption: Lambert, King and Cook – this is what’s left of the British Team following Tai Woffinden’s ill timed defection from the British World Cup team. Photo courtesy of Jeff Davies – Coventry, UK.

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